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Belleza Salon & Day Spa

Belleza Salon & Day Spa is a high-end establishment that specializes in beauty and wellness services. We provide an atmosphere that is both elegant and contemporary, where you can come in and feel completely rejuvenated. Our services include everything from massages and facials to body treatments and salon services. Our experienced staff have been trained to deliver the very best experience possible, ensuring that you will leave feeling tranquil, relaxed and refreshed.

Lotus in Bloom


Where the Passion Begins

At Belleza Salon & Day Spa, you’ll feel welcomed into an atmosphere of relaxation and pampering by our wonderful team. All of our staff are experienced professionals, and the salon is proudly woman-owned and run. To book with any of our wonderful professionals please visit the Book With Us page, and there will be a link by their name to click and book an appointment, or the phone number to call. 

Items used in spa services, cleaners, loofah, rose petals and hot stones
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